Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 23

Chastity  August 23

By our vow of chastity, we forego marriage and live as celibates.  However, our sacrifice of the deep values of family life and marriage is only the inverse side of a positive and joyful choice of a way of life (Const. 11.2).

To live without sexual relations and romantic involvements that lead to sexual union does not mean that we refuse the reality and goodness of sex or the make-up of our humanity.  On the contrary, celibate life rejoices in all the wonders of God’s creation.  We respect and encourage sexual love that is healthy and remains faithful to the vision God has for it.  To live a positive and truly chaste celibate life demands that we recognize and accept our sexuality as human persons, willingly and joyfully offering it to God for the sake of the Kingdom.  To live a truly human celibate life demands the good will to love deeply, generously and warmly.  This requires that we give all the richness of our personality to the service of the whole Christ.  Our commitment to this other kind of fecundity demands a peace of heart and a wisdom and vigilance to assure our Gospel service.  To renounce does not mean to reject.  It is always possible to appreciate beauty without needing to possess it.

The eye doesn´t eat the orange but it knows that it is sweet.  (Mandingue)

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