Friday, August 4, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 4

Chastity  August 4

Human unity through love reaches out beyond itself and surges on towards ultimate Unity, perfect Peace and all-encompassing Love (Const. 3.1).

What do people think is true happiness?  If a Jewish person is asked, the answer, full of hope, would be the world in “shalom,” finally reconciled with God and humanized by the rule of the Messiah.  As for a Moslem, it would be humanity fulfilled by total submission to the sovereignty of Allah.  The animist awaits a universe where all good and evil powers that inhabit it are in balance.  The Hindu hopes for union with Brahman, liberated from the illusions of the world by passage through various incarnations.  For the Buddhist, the end of all is absorption into Nirvana, a state of illumination characterized by the complete lack of desire.  The disciple of Confucius awaits perfect harmony in the structures of the universe.   For the Taoist, true happiness will be the contemplative submission of all desire to the ultimate power of the universe, the Tao.  For the humanist, the good future is humanity in effective possession of all the means of development.  Every human heart has its dream of a world where all the most profound aspirations are finally realized.  Jesus on the Cross also dreamed of a world of love.  May his program succeed!

Truths are like the spots on a guinea fowl.  (Toucouleur)

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