Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 29

Chastity  August 29

In the area of sexuality, (the Crosier) is well informed and realistic (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

I am created a sexual being by God.  Every aspect of my personality is marked by this wonder.  Biologically I am made to unite with another to give life.  I respect all the functions of my own and others’ bodies that permit the creation of new human life.  My heart is created full of desires, dreams, feelings, needs and impulses to make vital contact with another.  I desire love and affection, to be cherished and to cherish.  I dream of a human intimacy that is realized by closeness, by the caress of another, to complete my personality.  I am amazed at the generative power within me and all the desires which push me to collaborate with the Creator to create.  I rejoice in my paternal feelings through which God calls me to be a father.  I am always aware of the agitation in my person that rises and falls and that seeks satisfaction.  I accept it in peace as a clarion of my vitality.  I recognize that the joy of life is intimately related to my sexuality.  I recognize also that sexuality participates in the weakness of human life, that dreams remain often unrealized, that wishes can be exaggerated, that desires are from time to time poorly managed and that feelings can be inappropriately expressed.  Fully conscious of who I am, I make the gift of my sexuality to God in order to give birth to the Kingdom.  I make the gift of my generative power to the world so that it can have life and life in abundance.

Sweet and sour walk together.  (Efik)

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