Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 16

Chastity  August 16

(The Crosier) accepts positively and joyfully his masculinity in all its physical, psychological and affective dimensions (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

In Christian anthropology, Christ is proposed as the human model.  By his incarnation, Christ became one hundred percent human, except for sin.  That means that he lived all the dimensions of human life in the same way that we do, except for sin.  He had to mature like us from his birth to his death.  He knew the pleasure and pain, the highs and lows, the harmony and conflict, the stress and relaxation, the confidence and disappointment of an ordinary human being, but without sin.  If we take seriously the doctrine of the incarnation, we have to accept that Jesus also knew the sexual dimension of life, without sin.  He was a male with a complete body.  He received the formation of his human personality at the hands of a man and a woman.  He went through all the steps of human development from puberty to the fullness of masculinity.  One hundred percent human, he lacked no reaction of body and heart, except that he did not sin.  It is inconceivable that he did not rejoice in being a sexual being, as he rejoiced in the other gifts of his body, mind, will, feelings, friendships and the relationship with his Father.  What encouragement for the celibate to have a Divine Companion who knows what is it to be fully human!

The one with the same roots will drink the same water.  (Luba)

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