Monday, August 21, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 21

Chastity  August 21

We are called to follow Christ in the power of the Spirit into a chaste life, which Christ lived and which he himself keeps alive in the Church through the Gospel (Const. 11.1).

You are cordially invited
to a celibate life
which will take place
in the Church of Jesus Christ
from today
until the full flowering of the human family.
The three activities on the program include:
--the welcome
of every person of every country and language,
of every race and culture;
--the service
of the every kind of human need; and
--the final banquet
where God will be All in all.
The leader of the experience will be Christ Jesus,
You are provided with the best map
of the places of the events
(it is the Gospel).
Dress:  Renunciation.

Where the river goes, there go its stones also.  (Shi)

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