Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 10

Liturgy  October 10

We open ourselves then to the call of the Spirit who dwells in our midst and transforms us into the likeness of Christ, enabling us to cry out “Abba, Father” (Const. 16.1).

The son, as an adult, remembers the way his father brought him up, the paternal conversations and actions that led to maturity.  It is the same with the relationship between the Christian and the Heavenly Father.  The Father has his own way of bringing his children to their Christian maturity.  They all recognize the words and gestures in the formation God offers.  The Father has his paternal rites of education.  God has a typical way of bathing the children to assure basic health and to initiate them into vital family participation (Baptism).  The Father lays hands with love on his children to strengthen them for the journey (Confirmation).  God shows them how to eat and drink with profit for their development (Eucharist).  The Father presides over the dynamics for healing inevitable injuries in family interaction (Reconciliation).  God witnesses commitments that make home fruitful (Marriage).  The gestures which authorize leadership by some in the family  are made clear to the whole household (Ordination).  God reveals secret medicine to apply on critical days (Anointing).  By these gestures of formation, accompanied by clarifying discourse, the Father promotes the growth of his children in the image and stature of the eldest son, the oldest brother, Christ.

The closer you are to the fire, the more warmth you have.  (Congo)

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