Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 3

Liturgy  October 3

Each confrere should feel the usefulness of choosing a spiritual director and confiding in him regularly (Congolese Regional Statutes, 1.9).

Spiritual direction is a dialogue in which one Christian who has a gift for discernment gives spiritual help to another with regard to Christian experience.  Spiritual direction is founded on a rapport of mutual confidence that promises a profound dialogue.  The object of the dialogue is different from other forms of human assistance, as, for example, psychological counseling or training for a trade.  Spiritual direction helps a Christian discern and make effective the gift of self to God as a response to Divine Love.  Direction presupposes that directors are seriously engaged in living a Gospel life; that they understand the structure of Christian experience; that they respect the uniqueness of the other person.  Direction has as its goal the deepening of the Christian experience of the other.  Through transparent dialogue, the individual discovers, with the help of the director, personal movements toward God and how to how to orient oneself more toward love.  Direction is concerned with all the person’s human capacities, that is, physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, moral and spiritual, as areas in which to respond to God.

The ant who crosses the river does it on a spider web.  (Burundi) 

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