Monday, October 2, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 2

Liturgy  October 2

. . . that we be faithful to common liturgical prayer and our other forms of worship . . . (Const. 4.1).

A driving motivation at the time of the founding of the Order was the desire of the founders to pray the liturgy of the Church as reformed canons.  At Clairlieu, Theodore and his companions chanted the Mass with the Hours each day, as they had done in the cathedral of Liège, even rising a midnight to pray.  Liturgical prayer, done in honor of Christ crucified, established the structure of their life and was their principal source of contemplation.  With the Church's official confirmation of the Order in 1248, the Crosiers were definitely associated with the Canons Regular.  The first Constitutions,  adapted from those of the Dominicans, asked that the liturgy not be done in a rush.  It was to be the foundation of Crosier life.  The program has continued down through the centuries.  Even during the Protestant Reformation, when the Order became more apostolically active, it did not abandon the traditional practice of the liturgy.  However, the liturgy did become a formality in the eighteenth century under the influence of humanism.  Its practice was almost lost during the time of the French Revolution.  Crosier liturgy was revived in the middle of the nineteenth century, less solemn in form and more adapted to the apostolate.  The liturgy was accentuated in the 1967 Crosier General Chapter of Renewal.

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