Monday, October 16, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 16

Liturgy  October 16

Above all, a spirit of generosity and an earnest will to persevere are essential requirements for an authentic life of prayer (Const. 16.2).

The spirit of generosity and the effort at perseverance in prayer are never more in evidence than at the Eucharist.  Every day, we are at the Table, a fact that already testifies to a certain seriousness of commitment.  After the consecration, everyone present makes the memorial of the Death and Resurrection of Christ: “calling to mind the death your Son endured for our salvation, his glorious resurrection and ascension into heaven, and ready to greet him when he comes again” (Eucharistic Prayer III).  This act of anamnesis (remembering) is followed by an action that is the heart of the Eucharistic action, namely, the offering:  “we offer you in thanksgiving this holy and living sacrifice,” which is worthy of You and saves the world.  According to the tradition of the Church, the Eucharistic offering is the sacrifice of the whole Christ, Head and members.  At this moment, everyone makes the great effort of lifting onto the altar the world one is:  one's personality, one's goods, one's relationships.  It is a great effort because it has to do with death.  Everything is abandoned to God, who transforms all into resurrected life in Christ.  Every day the sacrifice, every day the death.  Paying attention to this has to disturb us.  Who is so generous as to die every day?  Who can persevere in dying day after day, month after month, year after year?  But without this daily offering, what is the meaning of the rest of our commitment?

While repetitious requests annoy, they end up being heard.  (Burundi)

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