Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 25

Liturgy  October 25

As a religious community, the daily contact, whether personal or communal, with the Lord is an obligation (Congolese Regional Statutes, 1.2).

The Christian life is, indeed, a great adaptation to the presence of God in the Risen Christ.  Jesus lives and is present to accompany us to abundant life and encourage us in all the circumstances which contradict that.  Christ communicates at every moment.  In his humanity, still glorified, he continues to use signs to communicate with us:  the wonders of nature, current events, the brothers and sisters around us.  He communicates through the Word and the signs of the Sacraments.  He has a great repertoire.  It is possible, even necessary, to respond to him.  But the response is not first of all to "make noise" interiorly or exteriorly, as pious as it may be.  The first moment of prayer is listening.  What is God saying in Christ through the colors of the setting sun or the rain that waters the field?  What is the message in the joy of friendship or the pain of illness?  To where does God call through the need of a brother or the word of a sister?  One has to listen first to know how to respond with “thanks” or “deliver me” or “I will go.”  It is certain that the Risen Christ speaks.  What is not so sure is whether we hear well or respond appropriately.  It is little by little in Christian life that we deepen the life of prayer.

Whoever bothers to bend down does not get up with nothing.  (Mossi)

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