Sunday, October 29, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 29

Liturgy  October 29 

. . . the need for each community to come together regularly to pray (Const. 17.1).

“How good and how pleasant it is, when brothers dwell together as one!” (Ps. 133).  And what joy when they pray in common!  God speaks to each one in his own life and through each one to the others.  It is possible to share community prayer in such a way that each gives and receives personal inspiration.  The sharing is marked by the effort to reveal what God seems to be saying, what God seems to be doing in the life of each participating confrere.  One shares a hymn, another a passage of Scripture.  One prays spontaneously, another gives witness.  All pass moments of silence of silence together without agitation.  They leave theological treatises aside; they offer what is written on the heart.  They can also integrate faith sharing in this experience of shared prayer.  A text of Scripture is proposed to everyone.  Between the hymns and prayers, one or another of the confreres speaks.  All comes from the personal point of view.  They can share what strikes them in the passage.  They can recount an experience related to the passage.  They can tell about a lesson learned in connection with the passage.  They can point to where the passage invites them.  The more personal the sharing, the more touching it is.  It is good and pleasant to experience God in the concreteness of life!

Lions from the same forest know each other.  (Ghana)

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