Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 11

Liturgy  October 11

Each community and confrere should observe as a basic principle the rhythm of daily prayer which includes the Liturgy of the Hours and the celebration of the Eucharist (Congolese Regional Statutes, 1.3).

“Canonical balance” is the backbone of Crosier life.  From the moment the confrere receives the habit, he begins to develop the ability to live the balance of the three pillars—community life, liturgical prayer and apostolate.  There is always a danger during the time of initial formation that a confrere may submit to the three pillars simply as exercises for the period of formation only.  But to live the balance of the three pillars is already to live the Crosier vocation.  This balance is the structure of mature Crosier life, the “second nature” of a Crosier.  Formation is practice for this definitive Crosier commitment.  Fraternal life, the rhythm of common liturgical prayer and the service of others in need during formation are not just programs for deepening certain cherished values.  Committing to "canonical balance" is apprenticeship for the vocation.  To be absent from liturgical prayer after formation in the name of community life or ministry is not an option for the Crosier. Likewise, neglecting the pillars of community life and ministry is not an option either.

What allows the hat to stay on the head for a long time is the fact that it is light.  (Peul)

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