Monday, October 23, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 23

Liturgy  October 23

(The Crosier) fulfills his obligation to pray the Hours personally in so far as possible outside the choir when he must be absent from the community (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

The Crosier as a Canon Regular is a man of rhythmic prayer, even in his personal life outside the common prayer.  He is convinced of the value of making the memorial of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus with the rhythm of the Hours, certainly in community, but also in solidarity with the community in his private prayer when he is not able to pray with the community.  The Canon Regular is a man of rhythmic prayer by profession.  Previously, the tradition of the Order obliged every seminarian from the time of his solemn profession to pray the Hours privately outside the common prayer.  The current Constitutions do not prescribe this, expecting ony that the confreres comply with Canon Law.  In Canon Law, all priests and transitional deacons are obliged to pray the Hours each day (276, §2,3 ; 1174), including religious who are clergy (662, §3).  The Congolese Regional Statutes imply an obligation on the part of all the confreres, ordained or lay, to assume this practice.  What a privilege of service to be sacramental men, opening to the world the grace of the Cross of Jesus, no matter where, no matter when!

One donkey ate flour and all the donkeys had white snouts.  (Mali)

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