Monday, October 9, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 9

Liturgy  October 9

In the Oratory no one should do anything other than that for which it was intended and from which it also takes its name (Rule of St. Augustine, 11).

There are actually five “oratories” in religious life.  “Oratory” means a space for encountering God.  These sacred places can be more than just physical spaces.
--The first oratory is the human heart, the space of intimacy reserved for personal dialogue with God.  The heart is a sanctuary of aspirations and temptations that provoke contact with God.
--The second oratory is the personal life-style of the individual, the organization of activities according to value.  In the daily experiences of good and evil, in the events that happen, the person is invited to find God.
--The third oratory is the community, that is, the fraternal bonds and relationships of friendship, collaboration and shared service to others outside the community.  The neighbor is the sacrament of the encounter with God.
--The fourth oratory is the house, the environment of recollection, centered in the chapel.  Physical space is made into holy ground for meeting God.
--The fifth oratory is time, the sacramental rhythm of the prayer of the Eucharist and the Hours.  The seconds, minutes and hours become like nets to collect experiences of God.

Every living person who is truly godly is set free.  (Mali) 

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