Friday, October 6, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 6

Liturgy  October 6

As a community founded in faith, we recognize that prayer is an essential expression and source of our life and work together (Const. 16.1).

            Having passed through half of another day of work to bring about the Kingdom of God, we pause to say again, God come to our assistance.
            In the middle of the day, at the hour of Jesus’ Passion, we make memorial again of his Death and Resurrection. 
            Our hymn expresses praise for God’s saving work and our need for consolation in the trials of the mission.
            Our psalms continue the theme of our challenges and our desire that the Law of the Lord be manifested in the world, that what impedes justice and peace be removed, that the Divine Plan be accomplished, that the world arrive at its eternal destiny.
            God speaks to us again through the powerful Word to encourage us to continue in the good way:  The Word of the Lord !
            Let us pray.  We thank you, God, our help, for this moment of midday rest in the embrace of your love.  For what has already happened today, we praise you.  For what is yet to come before evening, we ask the strength of your help to stay faithful to our commitment through Christ our Lord.
            Let us bless the Lord!

The person with hands outstretched doesn’t die.  (Bakongo)

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