Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 4

Liturgy  October 4

. . . our membership in a canonical order demands that we be faithful to common liturgical prayer and our other forms of worship within our own communities and in our apostolates (Const. 4.1).

The liturgy of the Church is not simply a "program of prayer" for parishes or religious communities.  The liturgy is a work of salvation whose roots go all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  There was the origin of the rupture which indelibly marked the whole history of the human family.  The sin of our first parents caused the abyss between them and God, an unfathomable distance that allowed the progressive disintegration of human life.  To realize reconciliation between God and humanity was outside human capability.  All depended on the initiative of God.  Through the people of Israel, God began the construction of the bridge.  Finally, through Christ who died and rose, God closed the gap and established forever Christ as the Sacrament of God's regenerating love.  The reconciliation of the human world with God passes necessarily through the only Mediator.  Christ, the Savior, is extended in space and time through his Body, the Church, whose mission is to be the sign of salvation.  This is the meaning of the liturgy, the public action which points to Christ and makes effective the grace of his death and resurrection in people’s hearts.

If you climb a tree, don't forget the one who made himself a short ladder for you.  (Mossi)

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