Thursday, October 26, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 26

Liturgy  October 26

When you pray to God in Psalms and hymns, think over in your hearts the words that come from your lips (Rule of St. Augustine, 12).

            At the beginning of this new day, we rise to make memorial of the Death and Resurrection of Christ.  We insert ourselves into his eternal prayer before You, Father, to be sanctified this day.  O Lord, open my lips.
            We sing of our connection to Christ, the Rising Sun, so as to live another day in the realization of his Kingdom.
            With our psalms, we awaken the world to your love and celebrate your praise, You who reveal yourself since the Old Testament:  Glory to God who is and was and who is to come now and for ever.  Amen!
            The first hearing of the Word today initiates us into the marvels that You will manifest throughout the whole day.  Thanks be to God!
            We proclaim the fulfillment of your promise to our father, Abraham, announced by the prophet-precursor of Christ, when the time had come.   Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, who visits and redeems his people.
            Full of praise for You, we participate in the great intercession of our High Priest who prays for our salvation.  Lord, hear our prayer!
            We address You, Our Father, and we put this day in your hands through the one who lives and reigns for all eternity.  May your blessing be upon us.  Let us bless the Lord!

Early morning has gold in its mouth.  (Luba)

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