Sunday, October 15, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 15

Liturgy October 15

(The Crosier) has a healthy devotion to the Holy Virgin (Profile of the Congolese

--Mary, co-disciple and Christian sister,          
            help us to submit in obedience to the Word of the Father.
--Mary, mother of Christ,          
            may your Son be reborn in us.
--Mary, mother of the Church,          
            embrace your children again at the foot of the Cross,
            be with us in our constant vigil for the Spirit,
            pray with us in the Prayers
            and the Breaking of the Bread.
--Mary, always the immaculate Virgin,          
            teach us the way of the espoused heart.
--Mary, contemplative witness and proclaimer of divine marvels, 
            support in us the zeal to do what Christ asked of us
            in the offering of the New Wine of the Kingdom.
--Mary, participant in the Paschal Mystery,          
            may the swords that pierce our own souls
            not discourage us.
--Mary, companion of Jesus on earth and in glory,          
            be with us in our faithful following of the Savior.

A pretty girl doesn´t stay in an obscure corner of the house. (Shi)

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