Thursday, October 5, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation October 5

Liturgy  October 5

They do not forget in their prayers the concerns of the confreres, the Region, the Province and the Order (Congolese Regional Statutes, 1.5).

Abraham approached and said:
Will you allow the just to perish with the unjust?
Perhaps if there were fifty just people in the town . . .
Perhaps forty-five . . .
Thirty . . . twenty . . . ten . . .
God departed when he finished talking to Abraham (Gn 18:23-33).

When Moses lifted up his hands,
Israel was the stronger;
and when he lowered his hands,
Amalek was the stronger (Ez 17:11).

Therefore, [Christ] is always able to save those
who approach God through him,
since he lives forever
to make intercession for them (He 7:25).

Lord, hear us!

The beggar never has a tired behind.  (Baoule)

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